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Are you looking to increase conversions on your affiliate promotions?

Have you looked at all the new shiny objects on the web today? Are you sick of being taken advantage of? If you are, then I know how you feel.

With all the shiny new products that come out each day, which one is the one that you should be looking for and which one can you trust?

Well, this is the time that we are going to cover Commission Gorilla V2 review so you will know if this is a product you should buy or one you should be avoiding.

But, just to let you know I’m a little bias about this tool because I use it my self for my promotions. 🙂

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What Is Commission Gorilla V2?

This is an affiliate marketing bonus page creator software that is going to be very easy for you to use, but also provide you with one of the best training and done for you bonuses that you can find as an affiliate marketer helping you increase traffic and sales…

As an affiliate marketer whether you just starting out or you have experience already creating bonus pages it could be challenging having to look for relevant bonuses to give away. This is why this tool is going to make your life way easier…

Easy to create bonus pages and already made bonus give away.

Commission gorilla volume 2 is going to help you achieve 5x your conversions.

However, this is not going to be the little cheesy types of pages that you see and instead will be the amazing professional pages that you are going to simply fall in love with.

So what exactly is going to make this product so great over the other page creator software that you have seen that do the same thing?

Let’s Take a look!… See the Demo Here…

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Commission Gorilla V2 Review: Great Features

Just the basic version alone is enough to wow your subscribers with all of its powerful features.

Imagine needing to create a super incredible bonus on the fly for a promotion and not having days to do it… Well, now your subscribers will be able to whip up a power-packed bonus in literally minutes!

And… This is what’s going to help you increase conversions…

How often have you seen marketers that have professional bonus pages and when you go to those pages they have a list of products listed giving it away as bonuses? Hint, only the professionals and the ones serious about their business.

So how does commission gorilla V2 help you in getting the pages crafted perfectly?

Well, that is very easy to do because this is a software that uses the drag and drop interface.

This interface is definitely something that you will enjoy because it means you do not have to have a ton of coding skills to get the job done…

Instead, you are able to get the work done faster and easier than what you imagined. It comes with already made templates so you can model what is already working now…

So you do not have to be concerned about learning coding or anything else.

commission gorilla v2 review
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Unlike some of the other drag and drop interfaces, this is one that is very easy for you to use.

This makes it easy to get your pages built and will help guarantee your pages are going to be done quickly.

All that you have to do is grab one the already made templates, edit the look and settings, insert your affiliate link and your bonuses hit the publish button and you’re done.

The app has a built-in social sharing feature that is going to be very easy for you to use.

Once you have started to share the pages on social media you will see quite a bit of traffic coming into the site, but also notice that the way the buttons are built in it will be easy for you to have the pages shared by others as well.

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This feature is great if you have a product you are promoting or have bought the resellers license and the coding is already done for you on a commission gorilla V2 page.

With this page it allows you to import the entire page in just a few clicks of the button.

Take a pick at some of the done for you bonuses…

commissiono gorilla v2 done for you bonuses
High Quality Done for You Bonuses

Boosting Commission Gorilla V2 With PRO Features And Bonuses

If you decide to go with Commission Gorilla v2 PRO, the creators will throw in three potent extra features that can turbocharge your promotions even more powerfully.

Investing in the PRO version also entitles you to receive any future PRO add-ons without further payment.

Here are the first three PRO features:

1) Equip Pages With Countdown Timers

The creators have had tremendous success equipping their own promotional pages with countdown timers (also known as scarcity timers).

Now you can do the same! Offering bonuses to your visitors for only a limited time spurs them on toward making faster decisions in order to capture the best value.

You can add timers to all of your pages, using either evergreen timers or date-specific ones to set up redirects. With just a few clicks, you’ll have a page ready to forward visitors to another page as soon as the timer expires.

(Timers can also be set to stay on the same page if that’s what you’d prefer). This feature is ideal for rolling out new products or creating maintenance-free time-sensitive offers.

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2) Put Attention Bars On Your Pages

Attention bars are terrific, and now you can effortlessly drop them onto any page you like. Grab visitors’ attention and point them toward your top priorities.

You can use whatever colors and fonts you like, or even include timed delay features; these bars are fully customizable.

You can use attention bars to shine a spotlight on bonuses, remind visitors about limited-time offers, or point the way to additional information (e.g. videos or demos).

Attention bars can even take visitors to other pages designed for promotion or lead capture.

3) Enhance Your Pages With Exit Pop-Ups

Let’s be realistic about visitor behavior:

Even the most compelling offer in the world is going to leave some visitors cold. You’re going to end up with a certain number of bounces off of every promotional page you publish.

Based on our own research, we suspect at least half and perhaps a full 70 percent of promotional page visitors are going to leave regardless of how tempting you make your bonus offer.

Cast a net over this “wasted” traffic to see if you can’t fish a few extra leads out of it!

If you can give departing visitors a chance to hop straight to the offer page (through your affiliate link, of course), you stand to improve your performance significantly.

Alternatively, you can use exit pop-ups to build your own list by pointing visitors to a squeeze page on their way out. You could even use exit pop-ups to advertise a different last-chance bonus offer.

The Commission Gorilla V2 PRO upgrade: $37

Includes the ability to:

  1. Give Your Pages Countdown Timers
  2. Give Your Pages Attention Bars
  3. Give Your Pages Exit Pop-Ups

You also get the option to add one-time and monthly Instant Bonuses to Commission Gorilla V2 for just $47.

Select this option and your referrals can get a leg up on the competition by receiving access to a bonus library full of zero-effort ready-to-roll bonuses.

Referrals get instant access to 25 prepared bonuses plus 2 additional brand-new bonuses every month. Note that your referrals get permanent access to the 25 bonus library even if they cancel their trial.

For a lot of referrals, the value on offer in this upgrade will be self-evident. If you’d like to encourage more purchases, just emphasize the following advantages:

* Zero Effort Required

These bonuses are absolutely ready to launch. From product research to graphics and copy to automated delivery, all the work has been done for you in advance!

* Free Future Updates

You don’t need to worry about keeping your content fresh; that’s all handled for you too. Your bonuses will always stay evergreen and fully up to date.

* 1-Click Page Additions

Both the 25 initial bonuses and your two initial monthly bonuses simply show up in your bonus library ready for use.

* Bonuses Cover In-Demand Topics

Our bonuses cover a wide spectrum of business and marketing topics which are sure to be a hit with wide audiences. Put it simply: Your referrals will be ready to start earning instantly if they choose to purchase this upgrade.

Commission Gorilla V2 Add-On: Sales Page Bypass ($67)

If you purchase the sales page bypass, you can chop vendors’ sales pages out of your sales funnel without putting your commissions at risk.

All you have to do is:

  • Install a bypass link on your Commission Gorilla page
  • Sell straight from your CG page
  • Collect standard payments but get more conversions!

This upgrade is a terrific way to earn more commissions on virtually any offer you’re interested in promoting.

Looking for more bonuses? It also comes with the Black Dragon Protocol course, a 90-day boot camp on affiliate marketing mastery.

The Black Dragon Protocol will teach you to attract more traffic, build up your list, and turn lukewarm prospects into passionate customers. Grab more of that affiliate marketing money and send it toward your bank account!


  • Web-based app
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • 100% FREE page hosted
  • No need prior experience
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • All future updates are free

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The major drawback that you will find with Commission Gorilla Version 2 is the fact that you are limited to only 20 campaigns.

This is going to typically be more than what you will need in the beginning, but if you start to make quite a bit of money you will want to realize that you can make even more money if you are doing even more campaigns so this limit could be a downer for some people.

Having a chance to buy a product that is going to be new, but tested before is very important and this is a great thing.

That is what you will get with Commission Gorilla V2. This will make it easier for you to see the chance to make money quickly as an affiliate marketer.

Personally, I can’t imagine running my business and my promotions without this tool. It helps me save a lot of time.

You just have to make sure you know about all the factors that are around here and now you know because you have read this Commission Gorilla V2 review.

Hope this post is helpful to you if it was “Comment and Share” for more! 🙂

Until next time,

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