How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales Using This Simple Tool

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Top Ways to Promote ClickBank Products

Most affiliates are aware that providing bonuses with any of their promotions can translate into higher commissions as well as an increase in sales.

To prove this, 2 of the Super Affiliates have gone on to extensively test this and discovered that offering bonuses are able to quintuple the commissions you can receive.

Yes, you heard right, you are able to increase your commissions and sales as much as five times when you offer bonuses.

Yet even though providing bonuses will result in more money, the task of making this money is definitely not easy.

To begin with, you will have to create a bonus page. To get this right it will take skills and time or even money.

Not every person has these types of resources available to them when it comes to creating professional pages which will boost conversions.

That is until now!

Here is when Commission Gorilla comes in, which is a smart software system which makes it easy as drag-and-drop in order to create highly responsive delivery pages, bonus-offer pages and even more!

Here is a summary of some of the features that this software system offers:

Click On The Simple WYSIWYG Editor

You won’t need to have any experience in design or coding. All that is needed from your side is to use your mouse to click on the high-converting and attractive bonus pages.

From here you can insert videos, drag in the images that you want and even the ability to create high-impact, customization call-to-action buttons.

This is by far the easiest and simplest ways in order to create these web pages.

The Bonus Library

If you are similar to most of the other affiliates you probably reuse your bonuses. This is the type of software that makes this easy.

In this system, you can build and then store your bonus-building blocks in the Bonus Library. From here all you need to do is drag-and-drop your chosen bonuses into a bonus page.

As you start to use Commission Gorilla more, the quicker you will start to create the pages you want, particularly when using the Bonus Library.

done for you bonuses
High Quality Done for You Bonuses

Free Hosting

If you do not have a site, no problem. This software will host any of your bonus-offer pages for free. Alternatively, you have the choice to upload these directly to your site.

Plus, Commission Gorilla comes with plugins that make the task of uploading pages into a WordPress site really easy.

Automated Bonus Delivery

When creating a bonus page, Commission Gorilla will automatically create a delivery-page.

You also have the choice to drag-and-drop pre-written text in order to create your pages much faster.

This is such a simple way to save time, this is a significant benefit during fast-moving product launches.

Clone Feature

Once you have created your high-performing promotion pages, you have the option to clone this page.

At a later stage, you can tweak the page for the next offer, which means your next bonus page can be created in minutes instead of hours.

Dashboard Stats

When logging into Commission Gorilla, you are able to track any of your high-performing pages by a quick glance over the built-in stats.

This will help you eliminate any guesswork.

Social Share Buttons

When it comes to promoting a new bonus-page all you need to do is click on the built-in social-share buttons.

This means you can quickly build a page, followed by promoting it, and then move onto other tasks for the day.

You are also able to drag-and-drop social-share buttons onto your bonuses pages that visitors can also use.

There are even more features available with this software that will assist you to make the very most of your traffic as well as a way to maximize conversion rates.

These include exit pop-ups, countdown timers, and attention bars.

In addition, you are even offered with a great collection completed for your bonuses that you are able to use for the following promotion.

In summary, it will be difficult to find such an easy and effective way for getting these pages for bonuses up and ready so quickly.

The traditional based HTML editors are extremely clumsy and come with a large learning curve. In addition, they are not specifically designed for creating the direct-response sales pages.

Here is where Commission Gorilla is very different, as it has been designed for marketers.

Regardless of your background and skill levels, you are also able to click through to high-quality high-converting bonus pages.

Additionally, this is a software that is not only useful for affiliates. While it may work extremely well when it comes to creating the affiliate-bonus pages, this software can also help you to create the bonus pages when it comes to your own services or products.

Commission Gorilla can also help you to create special offers, coupons or create bonuses for an offline or online business.

This software is so flexible you can even create lead pages, contest pages and more.

The best part about this software includes:

  1. You won’t need design skills
  2. You won’t need a designer or a large budget
  3. You won’t need to know about any codes

If you decide on the Pro option, you will also get a number of super-power add-on features.

My Rating…

I give this software 2 thumbs up when it comes to the easiest and quickest way for you to get a promotion page up-and-running.

Hope you enjoyed this review about creating bonus pages for your products using commission gorilla platform, if you did please “comment and share” for more! 🙂

Until next time,

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