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When you begin to practice positive mindset exercises your business life and personal life can start to feel positive.

This exercises can help you become a better businessmen/women and it’s going to help you run your affiliate marketing business with more efficiency and the same works for your day to day personal life.

One way to start it’s by keeping a notepad with you wherever you go that way you can write your ideas as they come.

Sometimes ideas come to you when you least expected, and when you get home it’s difficult to remember. So make sure that you always carry a notepad wherever you go.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect writing, try to write the concept of your idea and then move on to what you are doing.

Working out is as important for your mind as it is for your body.

You have to make sure that you’re exercising regularly, eat healthy foods, and get enough sleep. – This is good to help you keep your energy high throughout the day.

Creating these habits sound like is very easy to do, but at the same time creating habits can be challenging because now you have to teach your mind and body a new routine.

But, if you are committed to becoming a better entrepreneur and a better person you will put in the work and practice. 😉

Make sure you start putting aside some money in case of emergencies. – working for your self can be tough sometimes. – especially when you first starting out.

Credit cards can help in case of emergencies, but It’s not a good idea to max out your credit cards because then, you really will have no money in case something bad happens.

Try to keep your credit cards with a low balance in case an emergency – this can be business related or personal.

Starting an emergency fund can be simple. You can start by trying to put away as little as 5 bucks each week, If you do this you will start feeling less stress and your mind and business will thank you for that.

Another reason to save some money for emergencies is that you can use your save cash for those emergencies and you’ll be able to save on credit card interest. Credit cards then become Plan C instead of plan B.

You should try to keep improving your quality level of life and raising your standards. You should always set goals on a daily basis, keep track, and make notes. Every day make sure you keep pushing to become a little bit better than yesterday.

By doing this few things, your mind is going to feel less stress, you going to start thinking clearly and this is going to help you focus more on your online business and less on problems.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Bedtime

3-questions-to-ask-yourselfRight now you might be feeling that the days are passing by super fast, especially when we grow up and start working.

It feels that every day is the same old same old – You wake up, work on your business, take care of the house and go to sleep, then repeat.

Many times asking yourself, How did I get this old so soon?

I think the problem is the routine that we put our selves into. Our mind has a habit that we can call deletion. Every time you do something over and over, the mind doesn’t keep track of it, because it doesn’t think its important.

So what can you do to feel that life is not just passing you by? “The answer lies in developing mindfulness – a heightened state of awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.”

So now your probably thinking, ok Jonathan, now you have gone crazy on me. What in the world are your talking about?

I understand that you’re probably never heard this before or you have no idea on how to do that yet, but you can get started by asking yourself the 3 magic questions.

As you are laying doing in your bed, you will ask yourself and answer these 3 questions:

What is the one thing that today I was grateful for?

What is it that I’m looking forward to doing tomorrow?

What would I like to dream about tonight?

Why do I call these simple questions magical?

Well, let me tell you the logic behind this questions.

With the first question, you’re gonna have to think about your day and find something that you’re grateful for.

This exercise is going to help you to find something to be grateful and also is going to help you remember the whole day.

Imagine putting your daily experience in a bottle, putting a cap on it, and name it, “The day I met Cindy.”feeling-grateful

When you have all these bottles in your mind, it sets your memories into awesome experiences, rather than having all your memories in one large clump name on the label as, My Working Years – 18 to 60 years old”.

Question number 2 is going to help you look forward in time and imagine what’s going to happen tomorrow. This is going to help you wake up feeling super motivated.

And then question number 3 is going to reveal your innermost desires because we naturally choose to dream about what we want and wish for.

If you practice the three magic questions every night before you go to be, you’re going to start to feel that your time will slow down.

You’re going to feel better about yourself, have a clear mind, feel less stress and be able to take your business and life to the 10X level! 😀

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Until next time,

Jonathan – MercatoModerno.Com

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