What is the Best Way to Promote ClickBank Products?

what is the best way to promote ClickBank products
What is the best way to promote Clickbank products

Clickbank is one of the oldest and biggest digital marketplaces online.

It’s highly trusted and has literally done billions of dollars of business through affiliates.

It’s also easy and free to sign up as an affiliate and once you’ve done so you can promote any product on that website.

For most would be affiliates the only question is how to best promote ClickBank products profitably.

Organic Traffic Methods To Promote ClickBank Products:


YouTube is the biggest video site online and it is estimated to be the second largest search engine. Creating high-quality and engaging videos that entertain and educate the viewer is a great way to promote ClickBank products.

Videos on this site will often rank on the site itself as well as on Google which is the largest search engine.

The key to successfully promoting ClickBank products on YouTube is effectively doing keyword research and making video post on a regular basis around those keywords.

As part of uploading the videos you will want to title the video with the appropriate keywords and you will need to insert keywords along with a link to the affiliate offer in your description.

It’s also important that you make quality YouTube thumbnails that attract viewer attention when they are searching on the site.

Each product you’re promoting should have several videos using related keywords that entertain or educate the viewer and then give them a call to action so that they know they should click on the link in the description.

Blog Review Sites

When someone has discovered a product that they are interested in they usually will look for reviews to determine if it is the product that they want and needs.

If you provide a highly informative and engaging blog review site it provides the perfect format to write reviews on the products that you’re wanting to promote on ClickBank.

It is highly recommended that you optimize the page and that you include a written review along with a video and appropriate images.

Using these elements will maximize the opportunity for someone to find your page.

When you have written content it gives Google something to rank and this can allow your page to achieve search engine result page rankings.

As they’re searching they may come across your video on your blog or if it is hosted on YouTube they may find it there, giving the viewer two chances to find that content.

When there are images with alt tags that utilize related keywords it gives you another chance for viewers to find your content.

Press Releases

Although there are some platforms that charge to promote press releases out to some of the top resources, there are also quite a few sites that will promote out to a large number of press release sites that are completely free to use.

Some of the press release sites that these platforms use may not be the biggest on the internet but they nonetheless have a far reach and it means that your content will have a large number of backlinks and this will help promote the page which in turn promotes the ClickBank product.

Most affiliate marketers do not make good use of the power of press releases. This means if you do, you can get maximum results from it.

The key to using this resource is writing content that is newsworthy. This means that you should find ways to connect the product you’re promoting together with the current news that is happening right now.

Every time that you can do this it gives the press a reason to pick up your article and to use it.

If for example the President has made another tweet and you can relate that to your Twitter training on ClickBank, then it might make for a great press release that gets promoted heavily.

Paid Traffic Methods

In the very early days of paid traffic methods online it was common to hear horror stories where someone ran an ad campaign that quickly ran up a bill into hundreds or thousands of dollars in just a few hours.

Then it would be reported that person would be almost bankrupt trying to pay off the cost of their paid advertising.

This simply isn’t the case any longer, if it ever was.

There are now plenty of resources online for paid advertising opportunities that allow you to choose exactly how much per day that you want to spend on your campaign.

Most of these platforms not only allow you to choose how much per day you’ll spend but you can choose whether or not it is an open-ended campaign with no end date or if you want you can run it only on certain days and end it on a particular date that you choose.

With all of these controls in place, it is easy to run these campaigns and to keep them within a budget of your choice.

It takes a little bit of a learning curve to achieve profitable campaigns but once you know how to do it, it’s something you can do again and again.

Facebook Ads

One of the most popular paid traffic methods is the use of Facebook ads. This platform allows you to choose highly targeted individuals to look at your ads and you only pay for certain results.

If you have a video and you’re wanting to increase your video views, then you can run an ad campaign for that specific result.

If you’re wanting viewers to click to a landing page or directly to a ClickBank offer, then you can run an ad that’s designed to pay only for the clicks that you get.

With the controls that Facebook gives marketers and with all the information they have available for you, it has allowed many to run highly profitable paid ads.

With all the buzz around this platform, many have gone into it thinking that they will have easy and instant success.

Some may just make all the right choices and this may indeed get them that instant success but most will have to run a few ads and make adjustments along the way before achieving profitable ad campaigns.

Paid YouTube Video Ads

Just as Youtube can be used as a way to promote ClickBank products using organic methods it can also be used as a paid ad platform.

This means that you can pay to put your video in front of other popular videos that are related to the topic that your ClickBank product covers.

This is a great way that many marketers have found tremendous success when promoting ClickBank products.

Using this method you can focus in on reaching highly targeted viewers that are going to be interested in the specific topic that you’re promoting a product around.

If you are promoting a product around how to use Twitter properly, then you can use the paid platform on YouTube to put your promotional video right in front of other videos around that topic that are already popular.


Whether you choose pay-per-click ads using Google or Bing or some of the newer platforms such as Eleavers, StudAds, or AdsPact, you will find that there are large opportunities to run profitable campaigns to promote ClickBank products.

These days most everyone goes to Google when they’re trying to find information on some topic. In regions of the world such as the U.S., Bing, and Yahoo are also popular search engines users go to for information.

Equally, it is common for people today to click on ads that are on sites for information they’re interested in.

Using the various platforms mentioned above you can run pay-per-click ads that go to your landing page or directly to a ClickBank offer.

Some of the platforms are more affiliate marketer friendly while others are a little bit less so, so learning how to use each platform effectively is something that is necessary.

But once you master this method you can run highly profitable campaigns.

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